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All Dry Fruits Names In English and Urdu PDF

Welcome to a tasty exploration of dry fruits! In this blog post, we’ll be checking out 30 different kinds of dry fruits, sharing their names in English and Urdu, along with how to say the English names. From the familiar almonds to the intriguing dragon fruit, we’re making it easy to know and say these yummy treats. Whether you’re a dry fruit pro or just getting started, let’s dive into the world of these healthy and delicious snacks together! Ready for the fun? Let’s go!

Dry Fruits Names List In English and Urdu

Dry Fruit Name In English Dry Fruit Name In Urdu Pronunciation (English)
Almonds بادام Ah-muhnds
Walnuts اخروٹ Wawl-nuhts
Cashews کاجو Kuh-shews
Pistachios پستہ Puh-stah-shee-ohs
Raisins کشمش Ray-sinz
Dates کھجور Dayts
Figs انجیر Figs
Apricots خوبانی A-pruh-cots
Prunes آلو بخارا خشک Proonz
Cranberries کروندا Krayn-berries
Blueberries بلیو بیریز Bloo-berries
Strawberries سٹرابیریز Straw-berries
Pine Nuts چلغوزے Pine Nuts
Pecans امریکی اخروٹ Puh-kahns
Hazelnuts فنڈق Hay-zel-nuts

Dry Fruit Name In English Dry Fruit Name In Urdu Pronunciation (English)
Brazil Nuts برازیل نٹس Bruh-zil Nuts
Macadamia Nuts میکاڈیمیا نٹس Mack-uh-day-mee-uh Nuts
Cashew Nuts کاجو نٹس Kuh-shoo Nuts
Pineapple اناناس Pine-ap-uhl
Mulberry شہتوت Mull-berry
Papaya پپیتا Puh-pie-uh
Coconut ناریل Co-co-nut
Pomegranate Seeds انار دانے Pome-gran-ate Seeds
Dried Apricots خشخاش Dried A-pruh-cots
Kiwi کیوی Kee-wee
Gooseberries آملہ Goose-berries
Black Currants بلیک کرنٹس Black Cur-rants
Cashew Apple کاجو ایپل Kuh-shoo Apple
Dragon Fruit ڈریگن فروٹ Dragon Fruit
Passion Fruit پیشن فروٹ Passion Fruit

Dry Fruits Names In English and Urdu PDF

Unlock the convenience of offline access and keep this flavorful dry fruit guide at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. Download the lesson in PDF format to effortlessly refer back to the comprehensive list of 30 dry fruits, their Urdu names, and English pronunciations—a handy resource for your culinary journey!

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