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Bad Habits In English And Urdu PDF

Bad Habits In English And Urdu

Whether they are healthy or unhealthy for us, every person has regular routines. Particularly bad habits can be harmful to our relationships, relationships with others, and general well-being. This blog will discuss typical harmful habits and how they affect our life while also providing terminology and sentences in both English and Urdu.

Bite Nails ناخن چبانا
Spitting تھوکنا
Tapping Fingers انگلیاں بجانا
Tapping Feet پاؤں بجانا
Chewing With Open Mouth کھلے منہ کھانا
Chewing Pencil پینسل چبانا
Snoring خراٹے لینا
Cracking Knuckles انگلیاں چٹخانا
Twirling Hair بالوں کے ساتھ کھیلنا
Picking Nose ناک کا میل نکالنا
Slouching Back لٹک کر یا جھک کر کھانا
Cursing گالی گلوچ کرنا
Shaking Legs ٹانگیں ہلانا
Littering جگہ جگہ کچرا پھینکنا
Procrastinating کام کو لٹکانا

Bad Habits In English And Urdu

Complete Explanation Of Different Bad Habits

 Biting Nails

When someone bites their nails, they continuously chew, gnaw, or nibble on the skin around their fingers, toes, or cuticles as well as their nails and/or cuticles. This action may be made unconsciously or consciously in response to stress or anxiety.


Spitting is the act of pulling saliva or other fluids out of the mouth using force. One needs to first gather saliva in their mouth before expelling it through their lips using their tongue and mouth muscles.

Tapping Fingers

The repetitive pattern of tapping one’s fingers on a surface, like a desk or a table, is known as finger drumming or tapping fingers. The index, middle, and ring fingers of one or both hands are typically used to tap fingers to form a rhythm or pattern.

Tapping Feet

The rhythmic movement of one or both feet when tapping them sometimes referred to as foot tapping frequently happens in reaction to music or out of boredom or agitation.

Chewing Pencil

The behavior of chewing a pencil is one that many people pick up, frequently as a means of reducing stress or anxiety or to aid with focus. Place a pencil in your mouth and gently chew on it using your teeth. Be cautious not to bite down too hard or the pencil will shatter.

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