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30 Parts Of Face In English And Urdu PDF

You will learn the names of different parts of face in English and Urdu. A variety of emotions and expressions can be seen on the human face. Every feature of the face—from the eyes to the nose, lips, and ears—is crucial to how we communicate and perceive the environment.

Face Parts In English And Urdu

This blog will provide you with a complete list of different parts of the face. By learning these parts of the face, you will be able to have better communication with other English-speaking people.

Cheek-Cheeks گال
Chin ٹھوڑی
Ear-Ears کان
Earlobe کان کی لو
Eye-Eyes آنکھ
Eyelash-Eyelashes پلکیں
Eyebrow-Eyebrows بھنویں
Eyelid-Eyelids آنکھ کا پپوٹا
Eyeball آنکھ کا ڈھیلا
Iris آنکھ کی پتلی
Forehead پیشانی-ماتھا
Lip-Lips ہونٹ
Upper Lip اوپر والا ہونٹ
Lower Lip نیچے والا ہونٹ
Hair بال

Parts Of Face

Nose ناک
Bridge Of The Nose ناک کا ابھار
Nostril-Nostrils نتھنا
Tooth-Teeth دانت
Wisdom Tooth عقل داڑھ
Molar داڑھ
Milk Teeth دودھ کے دانت
Gums مسوڑھے
Temple کنپٹی
Jaw جبڑا
Moustaches مونچھیں
Beard داڑھی
Tongue زبان
Mole تل
Palate تالو

Parts Of Face

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