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Other Ways To Say I am tired In English

Other Ways To Say “I am Tired” in English

There are many sentences or phrases we use in our daily lives over and over, but sometimes we don’t understand how to construe these phrases in English. Maybe just because of that, our native language isn’t English, or maybe we do not pay much attention to these phrases, and sometimes we get bored using the same phrases over and over, so why not make it little enthralling? Something new or engrossing aside from the boring words. 

Some tips and tricks to learn these phrases

  • Try to learn at least two phrases each day to focus on and say them aloud at least five to six times.
  • Always be ready to grasp new words or phrases while watching TV or from anywhere and then try to speak them in front of the mirror.
  • Try to use them in real conversation.
  • Native English media like TV shows and podcasts can give you lots of examples of phrases and ways to hear a variety of common phrases used in context.

Here are some thrilling and exciting  phrases  to use in our daily life

ways to say “I am tired ” in English

  • I am wiped
  • I’m running on empty
  •  I’m pooped
  •  I can hardly keep my eyes open.
  •  I’m deadbeat
  • I am whacked
  • I am stuffed
  • I am dead on my feet
  • I am exhausted
  • I am fatigued

ways to say "I am tired " in English

  • I am dog tired
  • I am bushed
  • I am running on fumes
  • I am off to bed
  • It’s time to rest
  • Its bedtime for me
  • I am beat
  • I am weary
  • I am sleepy/I feel sleepy
  • I am fatigued.
  • I am done
  • I have no energy
  • I can’t do this anymore
  • My vitals are not stable yet
  • I am dragging out
  • I am spent n
  • I can’t keep my eyes open
  • I feel shattered
  • I feel that someone beat me
  • I am on my last leg

ways to say "I am tired " in English

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