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53 Urdu To English Sentences Simile Sentences For Spoken English

53 Urdu To English Sentences Simile Sentences

In this article, You are going to learn 53 Urdu TO English Smilie Sentences. These 53 Interesting Sentences are very important in everyday spoken English. With the help of these phrases, you can strengthen everyday English and even speak without hesitation. These phrases will greatly improve your English and you will be able to speak English without any hassle. Let’s incorporate these phrases into our daily routine so that our dream of speaking English can come true. Make your precious time more valuable and spend it on learning these phrases. With God’s help, you will begin to speak English fluently.

Smilie Sentences For Spoken English

The question is, why is it important to learn simile sentences.  Because these sentences are very important, with the help of these sentences you can strengthen the English spoken in daily life and become proud. Let’s not waste time and spend this time strengthening our English. Practice these phrases regularly and make them a part of your routine. Get a full PDF of these sentences without wasting time just by clicking on a link.

As light as a feather. پر کی طرح ہلکا پھلکا
As loud as thunder. گرج کی بادل کی طرح آواز
As meek as lamb. میمنے کی طرح مسکین
As merry as a lark. چنڈول کی طرح کی خوش
As nimble as a bee. شہد کی مکھی طرح تیز
As old as the hills. پہاڑوں کی طرح قد یم
As pale as a ghost. بھوت کی طرح زرد
As playful as butterfly. تتلی کی طرح بے فکر
As playful as a kitten. بلوٹے کی طرح کھلینے والا
As plentiful as black berries. گل بھری آنچو کی طرح بکثرت
As poor as church- house. کلیسا کی طرح سنسان
As proud as a peacock. مور کی طرح کی مغرور
As quick as lightning. بجلی کی طرح تیز
As quiet as lamb. میمنے کی طرح کی خاموش
As red as blood. خون کی طرح کی سرخ
As red as a crimson. نارنجی کی طرح کی سرخ
As rich as Croesus. کروسس کی طرح امیر
As right as rain. بارش کی طرح بروقت
As round as globe. گلوب کی طرح کی گول
As sharp as razor. استرے کی طرح کی تیز

As the silent as deed. مردے کی طرح خاموش
As silly as a goose. راج ہنس کی طرح بیواقوف
As slender as a gossamer. جالے کی طرح بودا
As slippery as eel. برقی بم مچھلی کی طرح کی پھسل دار
As smooth as a velvet. مخمل کی طرح کی نرم
As soft as wax. موم کی طرح نرم وملا ئم
As sour as vinegar.  سرکے کی طرح ترش
As still as death. موت کی طرح ساکن
As still as statue. مجسمے کی طرح جامد
As a strong as lion. شیر کی طرح بہادر
As sure as death. موت کی طرح یقینی
As tall as steeple. گرجے کے مینار کی طرح اونچا
As tame as a hare. خرگوش کی  طرح کمزور
As timid as a hare. خرگوش کی طرح بزدل
As tricky as a monkey. بندر کی طرح چلاک
As ugly as a scarecrow. دھوکے کی طرح بھدا
As ugly as a sin. گناہ کی طرح برا
As warm as wool. اون کی طرح گرم
As week as a baby. بچے کی طرح بے بس
As white as snow. برف کی طرح سفید

As yellow as saffron. زعفران کی طرح پیلا
As silent as stars. ستاروں کی طرح خاموش
As silly as a sheep. بھیڑ کی طرح احمق
As a slender a thread. داھگے کی طرح نازک
As smooth as a glass. شیشے کی طرح ہموار
As soft as butter. مکھن کی طرح ملا ئم
As sound as a bell. گھنٹی کی طرح آواز
As steady as a rock. چٹانوں کی طرح مستقل
As still as grave. قبر کی طرح بے حرکت
As straight as an arrow. تیر کی طرح سیدھا
As stupid as a donkey. گدھے کی طرح احمق
As sweet as sugar. چینی کی طرح میٹھا
As tall poplar. سرو درخت کی طرح دراز قد
As thick as thieves. چوروں کے جتھے کی طرح گھنا
As tender as chicken. چوزے کی طرح نازک
As timid as a mouse. چوہے کی طرح ڈرپوک
As tough as leather. چمڑے کی طرح سخت
As ugly as a toad. مینڈ ک طرح بد صورت
As watchful as a hawk. عقاب کی طرح ہوشیار، چوکنا
As white as a sheet. کاغذ کے تخت یا چادر کی طرح سفید
As a wise Salman. حضرت سلیمان کی عقلمند

English To Urdu Simile Sentences PDF Download

As I have introduced in detail the simile sentences above and have provided complete information about them. Practice speaking these sentences and incorporate them into your routine. Get the full PDF now by clicking on the link below.

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