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59 English Politics Words For Spoken English

Politics Words For Spoken English

In this blog,  you are going to 59 English Vocabulary Words For Politics With Urdu Meanings to learn detail. English Vocabulary for politics is essential for our English knowledge, as English learners, we must need to learn English Vocabulary for Politics words. 59  vocabulary words will be really helpful for your  English and it will be really helpful when you want to talk about Politics points or any occasion of life where you want to speak English. With the help of these   Vocabulary words,  you can easily speak English at any moment in your daily life and even speak without hesitation. These  Vocabulary words for Politics will greatly improve your English and you will be able to speak English without any hassle. Let’s incorporate these vocabulary words into our daily routine so that our dream of speaking English can come true. Make your precious time more valuable and spend it on learning these phrases. With God’s help, you will begin to speak English fluently.

59 Best Politics Words For Spoken English

But the question is, why is it important to learn 59 Politics words for daily English? Because these  Vocabulary words are very important for daily life English with the help of these Vocabulary words you can strengthen the English spoken in daily life and become proud. Let’s not waste time and spend this time strengthening our English. Practice these  Vocabulary Words regularly and make them a part of your routine. Get a full PDF of these sentences without wasting time just by clicking on a link.

Convoy قافلہ His convoy moved across the city.
اس کا قافلہ شہر کے گرد نکلا۔
Agitator احتجاج Agitators gathered outside his house.
مظاھرین اس کے گھر کے سامنے اکٹھے ھو گئے۔
Traitor  غدار He is a traitor.
وہ غدار ھے۔
Agrarian distress کسانوں کے مسائل He should solve agrarian distress immediately.
اس کو کسانوں کے مائل فورا  حل کرنے چاھے۔
Grudge رنجش He has a grudge against his rival.
اس کی اپنے حریف سے دشمنی ھے۔
Plethora promise جھوٹے وعدے He made plethora promise.
اس نے جھوٹے وعدے کیے۔
Anomaly بے عیب I couldn’t explain the anomalies in the election result.
میں انتخابی نتجائج میں عوارض کی وضاحت نہیں کرسکے۔
Nepotism اپنوں کو نوازنا Nepotism  should not be in politics.
سیاست  میں اپنوں کو نوازنے والا کام نہیں ھونا چاھیے۔
Heave a sigh of relief راحت کی سانس لینا He heaved a sigh of relief when he heard the election result.
اس نے الیکشن کا  رزلٹ سن کر سکھ کا سانس لیا۔
Wiped out نیست ونابود کر دینا Your parties would be wiped-out in this election.
آپ کی پارٹی کا الیکشن میں سفایا کر دیا جایے گا۔





Free and fair election آزادانہ اور منصافانہ انتخابات Elections should be free and fare..
الیکشن صاف و شفاف ھونے چاھیے۔
Coalition party اتحادی جما عت  The coalition party seems winning this year.
اتحادی جماعت جیتی نظر آ رھی ھے۔
Rival حریف Keep an eye on your rivals.
اپنے حریف پر نظر رکھو۔
Violate خلاف ورزی کرنا Do not violate the law.
اس نے قانون کی خلاف ورزی کی۔
Triumph جیت He has got the biggest triumph.
یہ ہماری بہت بڑی جیت تھی۔
Propaganda پروپیگنڈا       Do not spread propaganda.
پروپیگنڈا مت پھیلاؤ۔
Speculate قیاس آرائی Restrain yourself from doing speculations.
قیاس آرائیوں سے پرھیز کریں۔۔
Rig دھاندلی We do not want a rig in this election.
ھم اس الیکشن میں دھاندلی نہیں چاھتے۔۔
Defy للکارنا Do not try to defy Supreme Court.
سپریم کورٹ کو للکارنے کی کوشش مت کرو۔
Intimidate دھمکانا You can not intimidate your rival.
آپ اپنے خریف کو دھمکا نہیں سکتے۔۔
Rectify mistakes غلطیوں کی اصلاح کرنا Every politician should rectify his mistakes.
ھر سیاست دان کو اپنی  غلطی کی اصلاح کرنی چاھیے۔۔
Legislator قانون ساز We should give respect to legislator.
ھمین قانون ساز کی عزت کرنی چاھیے۔
Electorate ووٹر Electorates are of prime importance in every country.
ووٹر ھر ملک کا قیمتی اثاثہ ھوتے ھیں۔
Nominee امیدوار He is the nominee for the elections.
وہ  الیکشن کے لیے امیدوار ھے۔
Fray میدان میں اترنا Imran khan will fray more strongly.
عمران خان مزید زور سے میدان میں اترے گا۔
Verdict فیصلہ We should respect the court’s verdict.
ھمیں کورٹ کے فیصلے کا احترام کرنا چاھیے۔
Manifesto منشور I believe in the menifesto of this party.
میں اس پارٹی کے منشور پر یقین رکھتا ھوں۔۔
Oath عہد He took the oath of PM.
اس نے وزریر اعظم کا حلف لیا۔
Amendment ترمیم Our constituation needs amendments.
ھمارے آئین میں ترمیم کی ضرورت ھے۔

59 English Politics Words PDF Download

As I have introduced in detail the 59  Vocabulary Words  For Politics above and I have provided complete information about them. Practice speaking these sentences and incorporate them into your routine. Get the full PDF now by clicking on the link below.


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